Location: Glorieta

Date: July 6-10, 2018

Nestled in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico lies a camp called Glorieta. For many years, this facility belonged to Lifeway and was called the Glorieta Conference Center. In 2014 it was acquired by an organization called Camp Eagle, who invested $16 million to revitalize the property and add incredible features to make it a premier camping experience. It sits on about 2500 acres and can host 2400 people at one time. It will be our home for Converge 2018, and hopefully many years to come. Check it out.

What We Value:

Biblical Preaching

God has a message that he gave to us in his Word. We give priority to hearing that message of God through time spent studying the Bible. We're not interested in clever gimmicks or human wisdom, we're after truth that transforms.

Vertical Worship

God's glory is the focus of our attention. There is only one who is worthy of our attention and affection–Jesus Christ. We want to know more and experience more of how awesome He is, and so we do what he commands his church to do – we exalt his name above every other. We direct our eyes toward our Savior and declare his excellence.

Intentional Community

No one can live out the Christian faith on their own. During the formative years of junior high and high school, it is critical to have peers & leaders to walk alongside as you follow Jesus. We build environments where meaningful and beneficial discipleship relationships can flourish. You can leave camp with strong bonds and lasting friendships.

Ridiculous Fun

Glorieta is home to some incredible facilities that allow us to do crazy things. Where else can your friends pull you 50 feet in the air and drop you on a giant swing? We pursue fun, competition, laughter, and joy with reckless abandon. We dare you to try not to smile.

What to Expect: Life Change

The Word of God preached. Jesus Christ exalted. Lasting friendships forged. Unbelievable fun had. It will be your best week ever.


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