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summer doesn’t get any better than this.


Converge is a summer camp that exists to glorify God by making students into growing disciples of Jesus Christ.


We preach the authority of God’s word without apology, we exalt the name of Jesus above every other name, we believe firmly in the power of prayer, and we share the good news of the Gospel with boldness. All along the way, we have found that ridiculous amounts of fun through humor, games, and quality time are relational goldmines.

In our four years, we have given ourselves to pursuing the means of grace that God has supplied. Not clever tricks or gimmicks, but simply the Gospel preached and Christ exalted. In this pursuit we have seen dozens of students confess Christ as Lord for the first time and scores of others experience radical growth in their spiritual lives.


As the summer of 2014 approached, Daniel Seymore (one of the pastors at Harvest Bible Church) had a dream and a desire for the students of his church to be part of a summer camp where God worked in dramatic ways through the preaching of His Word and the exaltation of His Son. Being new to his position, he was naive enough, courageous enough, and trusting God enough to endeavor to create a camp just like this. A coalition of churches from all over the southwest (North Phoenix, East Valley, Flagstaff, Sacramento, Ventura, Denver, Albuquerque, etc) met at Forest Home Ojai Valley and launched a camp called Uncommon.

After 3 years of seeing the Lord save students and build our group beyond the capacity of Forest Home, we began to look for a new facility to host us, and dream bigger about what God could do through this camp.


Our search for a facility has led us to a camp called Glorieta, just outside Sante Fe, New Mexico. It was created in 1949 as the Lifeway Glorieta Conference Center, and it sits on 2400 acres of beautiful pine-tree covered mountains. It is bursting to the brim with fun and exciting things to do (ziplines, rappelling, drift trikes, blobs, and more) and it can host thousands of students at one time.

In 2017, Converge moved to Glorieta. It was our best year yet. 2018 was even better. And still, we believe that the best is still to come. We want to see God extend the glory of his name through the making of students into growing disciples of Christ. If you are part of a local church in the southwest, if you are a family looking for a place to send your student to camp, if you are a student yourself, Converge 2019 is for you. We can't wait to partner with you for the sake of the Gospel.



July 6-10, 2019


Glorieta Camps

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Calvin Wisen was born in Wheaton, Illinois in 1986 and moved West Michigan when he was 6 years old. Growing up his life was mostly filled with soccer and family. After graduating from Moody Bible Institute in 2008 he married Mary, his high school sweetheart and they have 4 (incredibly cute) children: Norah and Ashley are 8 year-old identical twins, Beau is 6, and Judah is 4.

Cal is a huge Chicago sports fan (also, Manchester United) and loves spending time talking and following sports with his sons who are also huge fans. Cal is a lifelong learner and his ideal day consists of a beach, a good book and his wife by his side.

Cal served as a youth pastor for seven years before transitioning to being the lead pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel Spring Lake in 2016. He is thrilled to serve at Converge 2019 by bringing God’s Word.